As a Fletcher straightens the arrow, so the man of understanding makes straight the trembling unsteady mind, which is difficult to guard and difficult to restrain.

The Dhammapada

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Due to Corona virus I will be holding classes online using Zoom.
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The Buddha began teaching meditation over 2000 years ago in the forests of India, but meditation is just as valuable in the West today as it was then.

All are very welcome to come along, Doors open at 11 am.
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Meditation alone is useful but in its wider context within the Buddha’s teachings it has much more to offer. As well as Meditation the two other components of the Buddhist path, are Ethics, and Wisdom.

Unlike almost all other religions, Buddhism is not based on the belief in a creator God that controll’s our destiny. The Buddha was human, born Sidhartha Gautama he first discovered and then taught the way to liberation. He traveled around India giving the Dharma freely, living the simple life and asking householders only for food. He gave us a thoroughly practical path that if we chose to follow, leads us out of our suffering.

The first of the Buddhas teachings are the Four Noble Truths.
The first truth is that being Human, we suffer from birth to death.
He understood there is a cause of our suffering
After a lifetime of effort he discovered complete liberation.
Then he formulated the Dharma, or path that leads us out of our suffering.

The Buddha does not offer us redemption from our sins. His fundamental teaching is that WE are responsible for all of our actions. We cannot act out of anger without us suffering the consequences. If we act from pure motivation it will lead to happiness. If we act from unkind manipulative harmful mental states then we will suffer just as those we harm suffer.

The first of the Buddhas teachings in the Dharmapada states.
Experiences are proceeded by mind, led by mind and produced by mind. If one speaks or acts with an impure mind, suffering follows even as the cartwheel follows the hoof of the ox.

Experiences are preceded by mind, led by mind, and produced by mind. If one acts with a pure mind, happiness follows like a shadow that never departs.