As a Fletcher straightens the arrow, so the man of understanding makes straight the trembling unsteady mind, which is difficult to guard and difficult to restrain.

The Dhammapada

Anxiety and Depression

 Stress Anxiety and Depression 
Many people today suffer with various forms of the above. Mindfullness based meditation practices can help with these conditions. A word of caution here, there is no instant cure, but with time and steady application, positive results can be expected.
Meditation is now widely recommended and prescribed by Doctors and Psychologists involved in pain management and psychological problems, it has no known negative side effects and has been under evaluation for many years.
As Buddhists we believe Meditation should not be charged for and should be freely available to everyone, we are practicing it daily and for us it is a living experience, not just a theory. Why not give it a go, it won't hurt to try.
In the future we plan to run Breathworks courses at BMC, This is specifically aimed at people suffering with these ailments where it has been proved to help in the management of pain and mental suffering.
"When I pay attention to my breath I am not anxious,
When I am anxious I remind myself to come back to the breath".