As a Fletcher straightens the arrow, so the man of understanding makes straight the trembling unsteady mind, which is difficult to guard and difficult to restrain.

The Dhammapada

Wednesday program

 Tea and Friendliness. 
 Introduction to meditation   7.10
 Posture Workshop  7.30 (Mats and cushions provided)
 Body Scan  Fully guided
A preliminary led meditation where we relax and get in touch with the body, mind and feelings.
 Mindfulness of breathing  (we alternate between this meditation and the Metta each week)
The focus of this meditation is primarily to develop awareness and concentration through interest and absorption in the breath and mind. We bring our attention to bear on the breathing until we notice a distraction then we notice the distraction. when we notice we have become distracted we bring our attention back to the breath with kindness.  Through this process we flex our concentration and awareness muscles ( Please see the meditation page for more detail )
 Metta Bhavana  Translated Metta is loving kindness, Bhavana, to develop. Or the Mindfulness of Feeling. The purpose of this practice is develop awareness and positive emotion. We start by making contact with whatever feelings are residing in us at the moment, we then bring to mind a person and try to make contact with our own experience of friendliness, tenderness, love and kindness and then wish that person Metta. 
Just sitting
In the seen only the seen, in the heard only the heard, in the cognised only the cognised