As a Fletcher straightens the arrow, so the man of understanding makes straight the trembling unsteady mind, which is difficult to guard and difficult to restrain.

The Dhammapada

Triratna Buddhist Order

The Triratna Buddhist Community is an international network of Buddhist Centres and practitioners. We are dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths in ways appropriate to the modern Western world.  This vibrant movement was founded by Urgyen Sangharakshita in 1968.

The Triratna Buddhist Order and community has enormous relevance to our lives today. The Barry Meditation Centre is one context in which Sangharakshita's wisdom and insight into the Buddha's teachings are communicated. If you are interested in hearing more of his inspiring talks, visit and have a listen to one of the many lecture series by Sangharakshita. Try 'The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path' series, or 'Aspects of the Higher Evolution of the Individual'. They took my breath away 35 years ago and the effects still carry on changing my life now.

So, although our primary activity is teaching meditation, everything we do is underpinned and informed by our Buddhist ethics and practice. The Barry meditation centre can play a part in your life, whatever your level of interest or experience. Whether you want to relieve the stresses of living in a busy world or you would like the context for personal development. Perhaps you want a place where you can explore your spiritual aspirations or even pursue a path of practice. This is a place where you will be welcome to be yourself, to take what you need and to give what you can.

Triratna: The three jewels of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha
The path of the Buddha offers a viable and deeply satisfying alternative to consumerism, which can so rapidly lead to disatisfaction and discontent.  We can start on the path by gradually developing compassion and a willingness to live harmoniously with our own nature and the natural world. Having a clear ethical guidance for our everyday lives can help us achieve this. One of the seminal works by Sangharakshita, is his 'Ten Pillars.'  This book can help us develop an understanding of the benefits of adopting an ethical framework for living. When applied to every-day situations, the values described, can help us to make creative choices in our lives. Over time, this can result in greater contentment, happiness and peace of mind. 

To help us in this challenging task we have Sangha, which means friendship and community. Without encouragement and support we can falter when we encounter difficulties. Through Sangha we can be inspired by others treading the path. We can also share our experiences with like minded individuals. The spiritual path requires regular and sustained effort. Sometimes we need guidance, at other times companionship along the way. So being a Buddhist is not usually, (as sometimes thought), a solitary path. Neither is personal or spiritual development a selfish persuit. On the contrary, spiritual friendship is seen as essential to practising and progressing on the spiritual path. In addition to this, as we change ourselves for the better, so our friends, family and others benefit from these developments.

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