As a Fletcher straightens the arrow, so the man of understanding makes straight the trembling unsteady mind, which is difficult to guard and difficult to restrain.

The Dhammapada


Buddhism for Schools
If you would like teaching materials there are resources available at thebuddhistcentre website
or to arrange a visit please contact one of us either here or at cardiffbuddhistcentre.

What do visits include?

These will be tailored to the needs of your group, (from Key Stage 1-4 and college students) so please let us know if you have any requirements. In general activities offered include:
  • Listening to an introduction to Buddhism and the life of the Buddha
  • Exploring Buddhist symbols and images
  • Participating in a quiet reflection session and learning basic meditation in the Shrine Room
  • Participating in a chanting session
  • Listening to Buddhist stories and tales
  • Watching stories (DVD format for Key Stage 1-4) and completing activity sheets
  • Open question and answer session